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Are you finding the Sora Ai Pc download to access the art text to video generation, but nobody is providing you the exact destination or file to download? Are you worried about how to download for PC? Don’t worry, we will give you the destination. We can provide you the exact download file that will be free to use.

Sora AI is a video art generated AI technology platform where users can generate AI-based videos that are based on prompts. If your prompt is detailed and proper, you can generate high-quality videos from the Sora PC version.

Sora text to video generator download

Sora AI is the official website that offered sora text to video generation from AI technology before Runway and other websites, but the quality was low. However, now Sora has integrated Nvidia technology into their AI, allowing you to generate premium quality artificial intelligence videos for free for your social work.

You can use them for Instagram shorts, brand advertising, and much more. It will improve the future industry and bring a new world in artificial intelligence. If you want to download Sora, you can download it from the button down below.


How to login sora ai for free?

If you are looking for a free Sora PC login for the PC version as a downloaded file, you should know that Ai Sora does not offer free access to users because it would be costly for OpenAI. They prevent spamming on social media, which is why they require a monthly subscription.

If you need to access Sora AOI for free, you will need to download the Sora PC software or use an alternative software like Runway AI.

Sora Official Login

Sora Ai Official Login

Sora Premium PC Version With Unlimited Features

100% Free Ads

Sora PC Version is free from ads and 100% accesseble for your workload.

Easy To Use

Sora is designed to be user-friendly, you can easily use it due to its easy interface.

Video Length

You can generate a maximum of 1 minute long video. That’s a good feature.

Image to video

Generating video from images will be an easy feature for you to use.
You can try this feature.


May be in future provide a great feature of upscaling video quality and size.


You can generate video by providing a unique prompt, and your video will be copyright-free.

No Watermark

Sora have no Watermark and easy to download and export video.


You Can Generate video under limit 10-20 video for 30 minutes just like that DALLE-3.

How to download sora ai for pc?

If you want to download the modded version of Sora artificial intelligence for PC, then you need to understand login PC before using or installing it because it’s important for you. Sora fully depends on prompts. If you have zero knowledge of prompts, then you may need to use ChatGPT or use basic prompts to run for PC.

Sora PC Editing Features Overview

The incredible feature of this app:

  • Generate AI videos and images from text
  • Convert scripts to videos
  • Customize video styles and templates
  • 4K video generation
  • No watermarks
  • 4K export option
  • No ads
  • Unlimited usage
  • Picture to video
  • Randomly Video

Sora PC Text to Video Generate Reviews

How to use prompt in Sora for PC?

First of all, you need to log in to Sora AI and open the prompt bar. Put the prompt for what you want to generate from Sora. Make sure you enter a detailed and lengthy prompt if you want a complex video.

If you want a basic video, then you need to have basic knowledge of prompting, or you can use ChatGPT to customize and enhance your prompt. If you have basic information about prompting, you will enter a basic-level prompt in Sora pc. Open Ai already integrated the ChatGPT-4 language model to enhance your prompts.

For Example:

I Put this prompt to chatgpt “A Dog playing with football in park with favoruite person and bring back ball from kicking out on park”

Here is the enhance prompt i get:

prompt info

Openai Sora Price

Sora AI’s price will be around $50-$70 for a monthly subscription, and only 1-minute long videos will be applicable.

Sora Open ai limitations

Sora artificial intelligence will put limitations for its usage by subscribers. As before, there a limit of 50 images per 3 hours, Sora AI will now have a limit of 10 videos per 3 hours.


In this conclusion, we will discuss how you can download the PC version of Sora artificial intelligence and also discuss how you can utilize basic to advanced levels of Sora open ai prompt engineering. This will make it easy to generate AI text-to-video art and videos from Sora AI. It will be an easy and useful feature for you.


You can simply go to the OpenAI website and type “Sora” – you will get the official website. Or, you can go through this direction:

Sora AI is a paid service and it does not offer a free version. On the other hand, Runway AI will be an alternative if you are looking for a free version, or you can use the Sora APK.

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